Owing to the overwhelming response that my first blog in english received, (thanks to the two brave hearted men who commented on my post and had let the world know that they had the courage to read through it), here I am doing my honest bit as an Indian in fighting against the English by daring to write a second blog in English.

After a gruelling week filled with days of not taking bath and occassionally bathing at my neighbour's, my bathroom has finally been redesigned and completed. Fearing of hearing those threatening words from my landlord "Could you give me a hand with this!!!", I've even refrained myself from going upstairs for a nature's call and has always pushed it to after 6pm. On an uncontrollable morning, I had to go upstairs and ended up fitting the shower enclosure.

Considering the fact that we had been warned prior to the commencement of the tear down operation, that our house wouldn't be inhabitable for couple of weeks and to stay away from it, two guys managed to run as far as London and stayed in exile at their Kin's place. Another one could only manage to Leicester. Me and Abhijith, the poor Master's students couldn't find refuge in any kind or form and were left with no option but to stay inside the confines of our room walls which we were promised, would not be touched. Didn't realise that this would be true to letter when the damaged patch of floor outside my room and the beading surrounding my door on the outside were changed with me locked inside.

Now came the turn for my living room tiles. My Landlord's initial efforts of chiseling out the old mosaic look alike vinyl flooring on the evening i was writing the prevoius blog, turned fruitless. They had been glued to the ground with a special black paste and was not meant to give way for a small chisel board. It was finally the moment when he decided that this calls a job for the specialists, though he considers himself to be one. And then, they arrived. Two men, robed with clothes of all colours and custom made for a painting job got down to work and things just sounded like getting heated up. Yes, things were heated up as they had to spray fire on the flooring to melt the black paste and to scrape it out.

Our living room was temporarily shifted to the kitchen which has now officially joined the list of inaccessible hotspots in and around the house. Hotspot refers to atmospheric condition and any misinterpretation is nullified. New tiles were laid. But there was something wierd in the way they were laid. Only the middle part of the room was covered and the outer area was left untouched. Later my landlord revealed that it was to enable us to walk around. Yes, walk around the tiles. It was much worse when the walk around areas were completed. After ordering for food, I had to ask the delivery guy to come around the house to the backyard and deliver it on my room window.

Now was the moment when I at last, heaved a sigh of relief with all the works completed. No more broken bathtub, no more leaky ceiling, no more plaster droppings and no more inaccessible hotspots. Just then, my landlord knocked on my door and asked me, "Ganesh, would you be in your room tomorrow, I would be painting the living room walls." The chinese are famous for a special short word in english and the long way they pronounce it. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

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